Finally a bit of normal life!

Thu, 06/11/2020 - 19:04 By oswald

We started with the guided tours for the Tourist Office! Yesterday one of our guides walked with 8 guests from here and abroad through the city and along the promenades.
The use of whispers proved itself! 


Arcades, old town

Let's discover the peculiarity of Bolzano, where Otzi is at home.- This is the gate to the Dolomites, the city of a good glass of wine.- The city of contrasts. Language, cuisine, architecture, art, and history it's all done the dual way.- Here is where the north meets the south,  where the German world touch the Latin world.- Since the middle age, Bolzano is that kind of bridge used by Emperor, Crusaders, Pelgrims to reach the Mediterraneum.- Crossing the Alps this bridge will grant you a sunny paradise.

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Bozen‘s Christmas Market

There‘s even a beautiful side to winter! Experience tradition and innovation. While visiting Bozen we will show you the prettiest places in the old city. We‘ll take you into the wonderful churches, under the bustling arches and, of course, to the nicest parts of the Christmas market. 
Length of tour: 2 hours

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The Old Town of Bolzano

This is the most popular tour to the main attractions, encompassing the cathedral, the arcades and the ancient fruit market. It allows a deep dive into the fascinating story of a thousand year of history as a melting pot. 
2 hours

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